Baseball Field Maintenance Big League Clear Stadium Hose

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All of our hoses are constructed from premium components for years of trouble-free performance. Solid brass fittings, reinforced hoses with high burst ratings, and stainless steel bands define a few of the features that create our top rated hose systems. Please note that the fittings are designed to connect with 1″ threaded spigots and accessories. Adapter fittings are available for attaching to standard 3/4″ threaded water faucets and accessories.
This all-purpose water hose is extremely durable, yet lightweight for easy handling. Weighs on average 30% less than red rubber hose. The clear design minimizes heat built-up in the hose.

  • Solid brass fittings
  • Stainless steel bands
  • 1″ inside diameter
  • Weighs 30% less than red rubber hose
  • Constructed from high pressure, clear PVC hose
  • Features a woven polyester cord reinforcement (Note: PVC hose is slightly stiffer than rubber hose during cold weather use.)
  • Rated 150 PSI working pressure and 450 PSI burst pressure
  • Connects to 1″ threaded spigot