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Flex-A-Clay® is a patented, unique product designed for use on infields and heavy wear areas such as baseball and softball pitching mounds and home plate areas, playgrounds and more. It’s a specifically formulated, processed, dry soil composition that creates a safe playing field with great traction. Because it helps reduce maintenance and labor costs and is excellent in heavy wear areas, it is ideal for public parks and sports fields. Flex-A-Clay® is an outstanding packing clay for pitching mounds and home plate areas.

Since initial installations in such places as Sec Taylor Stadium, home of the AAA Iowa Cubs, the University of Iowa Baseball Stadium and many high schools and colleges around the country, the use of Flex-a-Clay® continues to grow.

Build the Diamond of the New Millennium. Install Flex-A-Clay® and Create your Field of Dreams.

The Ideal Playing Surface
• Baseball and Softball fields
• Pitching Mounds
• Batter’s Boxes
• Bull Pens
• Infield Skins
• Practice areas

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