Baseball Field Marking White Line Aerosol Paint

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Specially formulated to produce bright, durable lines. The high solids content provides excellent coverage, creating brighter whites that really stand out. The extremely durable, water-resistant formula will not wash away in the rain. Features: Non-clogging design allows the paint to completely empty, minimizing waste New high output tips provide a brighter, whiter line Please note: the new tip is not universal Athletic paints are completely safe for players and will not harm grass Low VOC’s, low toxicity, no fluorocarbons, and lead free (12) 20oz. cans per case (18oz. net weight/can) Athletic paint available in: white, hot orange, yellow, blue, red, turf green, light blue, black, purple, navy, maroon, old gold, Vegas gold, and silver Traffic paint available in: white, yellow, red, dark handicap blue, light handicap blue, and black