Baseball Protective Screens Pro-Gold II Guardian Mini L Shaped Screen

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The Guardian Series adds a built-in extended overhead guard to the ‘L’ portion. The extended overhead section provides an additional 3’ in length at a 45º angle. The height at the highest point is 8’8”.

Features Include:

  • #60 weather-treated knotted nylon netting
  • pillow case style slip-on net for double protection and maximum durability in a cage setting
  • super duty ½” cord for maximum strength
  • lacing cord included to close up the bottom of the net.
  • available with both standard and wheeled leg options
  • Color Options: Must order Padding Kit 
Product Specification:
Dimensions: 7' H x 4' W With 9" Cutout
Frame Construction: 1.66" Galvanized Steel
Netting: #60 Knotted Nylon
Netting Layers: Double Layer Slip-On

Padding Color (If Applicable)