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Baseball/softball players suffer frequent foot, ankle, knee, leg, finger and hand injuries. The uniquely designed Target Base greatly reduces the risk of those injuries thanks to the 5" neon orange corner, which provides a visual target for players when running to the base. The rest of the base is made of a special gel that absorbs the impact of slides.

Besides its safety features, the Target Base also serves as a great training aid. It provides instant feedback for coaches wanting to see a player's foot placement when rounding the base. The brightly colored orange corner teaches proper base running techniques, as players that hit the orange "target" will have a shorter distance to the next base.

Coming in sets of three, Target Bases are weather and spike-proof. They are youth field sized (14" x 14") and fit all posts in existence through their re-modified plastic support on the bottom of the base. This support keeps the base from moving.

Price: $59.00