Baseball Field Accessories Tanner Tee Custom (16-23 inches)

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Features & Benefits

  • Custom length at 16" allows hitters to train with even more realism.
  • Simulate sliders, curve balls, and off speed pitches that are moving down and away from your hitters.
  • Replicate the contact point for these tough pitches, so hitters make the correct adjustments in games and prepare themselves for pitching at the next level. 
  • Full range 16 - 23 inches. 

A handful of Tanner customers have special needs for training very low pitches. The custom tee line is available to service these customers. Because manufacturing equipment must be recalibrated, custom tees have a premium charge. The added benefit is players with the confidence to hit any pitch they see. If the pitchers you face can paint the corners at the bottom of the strike zone, this tee provides you a training tool to turn the toughest pitches into daily tee work. 

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Price: $80.00