Baseball Field Accessories Tanner Tee Short (20-32 inches)

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Features & Benefits

  • The original flexible rolled rubber ball rest allows you to feel the ball not the tee at contact.
  • Five and ten pound weights slide easily over top.  
  • Our patented tee design and metal construction offers years of proven durability. 
  • This batting tee has been helping players at all levels perfect their swings for eighteen years.
  • No twists or turns, simple adjustments from 20 - 32 inches.


The Tanner Tee (20 - 32”) is a smaller version of the original Tanner Tee, comprised of two parts, an adjustable stem and a nine inch base with a connecting flange.  It has all the same components, is equally as durable, and functions the same as the standard tee, but it provides the added feature of a lowest point at twenty inches - six inches lower than the Tanner Tee (26 - 43").  It was designed for advanced hitters looking to replicate the tough pitches they see from high level pitchers.  It is also a starter tee for a youngster who hasn't grown into the larger Tanner Tee yet.

Recommended for ages 8 and below, but that's just a recommendation. How you train off the tee is up to you. We provide the tool, and you do the work. Some professional and college programs only purchase this tee because it forces players to train outside their comfort zone on pitches they are more likely to see in games when it counts.

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Price: $80.00