Baseball FieldMaster Groomers G30 - In-Line Safety Magnet

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Inline Safety Magnet 

Even the best maintained synthetic fields have potential dangers from unwanted foreign debris hidden within the surface infill.  While the Go Groomer Go properly grooms a synthetic turf field, the Inline Safety Magnet goes the extra step to insure that hidden dangers, which are unseen by the naked eye, are properly removed.  Best of all, theInline Safety Magnet is compatible with all 3 Go Groomer Go models and can be used while simultaneously grooming a synthetic field. 

With the Inline Safety Magnet, risk management is drasticly lowered by improving the safety of the playing surface for those who utilize the synthetic turf facility.



Debris picked up by the 
Inline Safety Magnet 
on a high school's 
multipurpose synthetic field

Debris picked up by the 
Inline Safety Magnet 
on a university's 
soccer stadium field

Debris is easily and safely 
removed from the 
G30 Inline Safety Magnet



The Inline Safety Magnet is not only a synthetic turf magnet, it is also the magnet you can't afford not to have.  Time and time again the results of using the Inline Safety Magnet on a synthetic turf field are astonishing.  Some of the items picked up by the magnet are small but numerous such as hair pins and bobby pins.  However, other items, which are much more dangerous are screws, nails, bolts, wires, earrings and other sharp, skin piercing objects (some of which are rusted).  These itmes easily find their way onto the playing surface and into the synthetic infill but are just as easily removed by the Inline Safety Magnet.  Removing such items will drastically decrease the unlimited potential dangers and liabilities that could ensue as a result of an injury.



$346.39 - G30 - 30" In-Line Safety Magnet

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