Baseball FieldMaster Groomers G4 - (54 inch) - Go Groomer Go - Synthetic Turf Groomer

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Why the Go Groomer Go? 

  • Extends Playability and Decreases Maintenance
  • Spring Loaded Tines Elevate Infill Compaction
  • Prevents Rubber Granules From Traveling to Sidelines
  • Optional use of Spring Loaded Tines
  • The Only Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment
    Needed for Proper Grooming
  • Lowers Risk Management
  • Decreases Wear Patterns
  • Increases Eye Appeal
  • Improves the Playing Field
  • Helps Level Rubber Granule Infill
  • Keeps Grass Blades at 12:00
  • Repairs Ghost Markings
  • Maximize Fiber Lifespan

Features unique to the
  Go Groomer Go 

  • Easy Storage
  • Never-Flat Airless Tires
  • Adjustable Pin Settings
  • Multiple Brush Settings
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • Patented Design Pd
  • Optional Use of Spring Loaded Tines
  • Expandable Width
  • Multiple Tine Setting
  • Inline Safety Magnet can be uesd    
    while grooming 
  • No Expensive, Greasy or Oily Motors
  • Welded Frame
  • Tow Hitch Fits All Vehicles
  • Reversable Tow Hitch
  • No Wiring
  • Soft Extra Long Bristles 
  • Rooster Tail Broadcasting of Rubber Granules
  • Tines Operate Safely Between Brushes
  • UV Resistant Brushes Never Rust or Rot 
  • No Expensive Hydraulic Systems




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$2208.64 - G4 - 54" Wide

Email or call us at 1-800-647-3539 for questions or to order.