Field Maintenance FM 62 FieldMaster Infield Groomer

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The FieldMaster 62 is a 6' pull behind drag w/wheels that will provide many benefits to your softball and baseball fields:

• help control lip buildup around apron
dethatch all grassy areas
control creeping grass from infields
add firmness to new surface with roller
remove infield high spots, help reduce and/or eliminate bad hops
fill in infield low spots
provides a uniform footing for infielders

This FieldMaster Groomer is the best tool to prepare the skinned area for competition. In one pass, the Spring Tines help loosen up the soil, the Dual Leveling Bar will create a level playing area, the Roller will compact the soil for firmness, and the Broom creates a smooth finish.  

62 FieldMaster requires 18HP tractor.

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$3671.51 - FM 62 - 6' Drag w/Lift Assembly w/Wheels

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