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LITTLE LEAGUE® has used the ROGERS® BREAK AWAY® BASE® exclusively in the World Series Complex, as well as all regional facilities, since 1992. Meets rule 1.06 mandating release style bases! The first base engineered and designed to avoid sliding injuries! Designed so that the base top compresses to absorb the shock, initially protecting the player’s body as they slide into the base. The base top will then dislodge if contacted with enough lateral forces that would typically cause an injury. If dislodged, the player comes to rest on the top of the base plate which is flush with the ground, thus avoiding injury. The base plate that remains is used by the umpires to render a decision. Rogers® is the only detachable base that has been scientifically studied, tested, and proven to greatly reduce the occurrence of sliding injuries. Choose from four different breakaway strengths, Pro, Adult, Teen, and Youth. Simple installation, similar to a traditional set of bases.

Note: The universal anchoring system allows you to buy one set of bases for a field and purchase tops only for different age groups. Also makes replacement less expensive when the tops wear out. Two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. All Rogers base tops are interchangeable.

A complete base system includes: (3) base tops, (3) base plates, (3) universal anchor systems, (3) anchor rubber plugs, and (1) digout tool. 

Manufacturer Recommends:
  Youth Model:    Male: up to 12 years    Female: up to 16 years
  Teen Model:    Male: 12 to 16 years    Female: 16 to 21 years
  Adult Model:    Male: 16 years & up    Female: 21 years & up
  Pro Model:    Advanced & Pro Only  

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Product Specification:Rogers Bases - Break-Away Replacement Anchor Housing
Anchor Type: Rogers Anchor System
Anchors Included: Yes
Bottom Type: All Rubber
Construction: Rubber Over Foam Core
Set Includes: 3 Base Tops, 3 Base Plates, 3 Universal Anchor Systems, 3 Anchor Rubber Plugs, 1 Digout Tool
Style: Breakaway
Item #01548 Pro  #01546 Adult  #01549 Teen  #01551 Youth