5 Tips to Prep Your Field for Winter Weather

At True Pitch we are about much more than mounds. We are about ALL THINGS baseball.

As such, we carry a full array of field products to assist you in keeping your playing surface in supreme shape 365 days a year. As we head into winter, here are five quick tips to prep your field for the offseason:

  1. Examine and Tidy Up
    Walk your field inch-by-inch to identify any ruts, worn patches of grass or other areas in need of attention. Be sure to flag them or spray paint them so you can quickly identify them in applying a fix. In the process, pick up any garbage, rocks or sticks, or other items that you don’t want sitting on your field until spring.
  2. Aerate
    Aerating your field improves the health of your grassy areas. Home improvement stores typically rent aerators, you can reach out to a landscaping firm to perform the work or you can appeal to parents in your league for a volunteer to do it. On this last point, there is a good chance you have a connection in your league that would love to donate their time and equipment to improve your field.
  3. Smooth and Drag
    Before the winter weather hits, it is a good idea to pay attention to your dirt surfaces. Fill any holes, smooth out the batters boxes and drag the field. A little extra work doing this in the fall will make it infinitely easier to get your playing surface into midseason form in the spring.
  4. Cover (or Remove!) Your Mound and Homeplate Area
    The one pain point we hear most often from coaches is maintaining their mound over the winter months. If you have a True Pitch portable mound, we recommend you remove it and store it in a dry location. If you have a natural mound, we recommend you cover it with a heavy tarp that is securely fastened. We recommend the same for as much of the home plate area as you can cover – with the priority being on the batters boxes.
  5. Plan for the Coming Season
    Part of your winter plan should be spending time thinking about what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Ironing out your schedule for fertilizing, spraying, building up mounds and any number of other tasks makes it easier to stick to the plan and keep your field in great shape all season long.

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To learn more about how we can help you care for your complex, check us out online at or call Brad Lamberti at 800.647.3539.

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