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Weighted Training Bats

  • 10% increase in bat swing-speed**
  • Oval-shaped hand grip enforces proper hand
  • Teaches correct swing path
  • Develops proper muscle memory
  • Creates a compact swing and powerful extension

*Not to be used for hitting.
** In preliminary tests, players 10-15 years old increased
their swing velocity 8-10% after warming up with the SwingPro.

Triple Weighted Baseball and Softball Training Bat

Using input from major league and college baseball teams and coaches, the SwingPro Bat eliminates the weighted "donuts" and sleeves that ballplayers put on their bats to warm up before hitting. A major problem with the donuts and sleeves is that they train players to throw their hands away from their bodies, rather than helping them develop a compact, efficient swing.

The SwingPro Training Bat, with weights at its base, middle, and far end, is designed to strengthen the wrists and develop an efficient swing that brings the bat to the ball quicker and with more power and the oval grip enforces proper "palm up, palm down" hand alignment.

The SwingPro family includes molded plastic bats in two lengths, 29 and 32 inches, each available in lighter and heavier weights. One of the resulting four bats will work for any ballplayer from little leaguer to pro slugger. The bats also offer an important safety bonus. Unlike some other training aids, the weights inside the molded polypropylene SwingPro bats cannot come free accidentally as the bat is being used.