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Coach Dave’s All Sports Model 500 Pitch Count


The Model 500 is a "totally silent", handheld, battery operated electronic device, similar in size to a stopwatch, utilized by an individual, manager, coach, player, scout, parent or fan, to keep a running tally of the number of pitches thrown by a player (or team) during a game or practice session, as well as the percentage of strikes thrown relative to the total number of pitches thrown.  All Sports is easy to use and allows the user's eyes to remain on the player's mechanics and/or game in general.

Features Include:

  • track the performance of two pitchers at a time
  • totally silent
  • displays total pitches thrown
  • displays total balls and strikes thrown
  • displays percentage of strikes thrown
  • standard battery (CR2032) is easy to change
  • can be used in any sport to track attempts and percentage made
  • instant display of the number of attempts made and percentage of successful attempts, in your hand - immediately.


Price: $39.95