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Pro-Gold Aluminum Series Mini Pitcher’s L-Screen


These professional quality frames are made from 1.9” Sch. 40 aluminum pipe. The frames are all aluminum and feature fully welded brace mounts and fully welded axle and leg supports. The four support braces are made from galvanized steel tubing for extra durability. The wheel base is 50” wide.  The front leg, which is 28” long, is capped with premium Sch. 80 PVC caps

Features Include:

  • deluxe pneumatic wheels attached to an all aluminum axle
  • #60 weather-treated knotted nylon netting
  • pillow case style slip-on net for double protection and maximum durability
  • netting seams feature a super duty ½” cord for maximum strength
  • lacing cord included to close up the bottom of the net
  • 7' x 4' with a 9" cutout

$459.95 - 05018 Mini L-Shaped Screen, 7' x 4' w/ 9" cutout #60 netting
$84.95 - 05022 Replacement Net

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