Rebuilding Your Bump with Flex-A-Clay

The bad news?

Your pitching mound surface is in dire need of repair.

The good news? Flex-A-Clay from True Pitch is here to save the day!

Flex-A-Clay is a patented, specially formulated mixture intended to repair spots of wear on your pitching mound, infield, batter’s box, or anywhere you have dirt. Our patented product offers unparalleled water draining, drying and resiliency … that also reduces sticking in the pitcher’s cleats.

In this feature, we highlight the proper ways to repair your pitching mound with True Pitch Flex-A-Clay. Follow these simple steps to get your program back on the bump!

Reminder: Mound specifications for high school through the major leagues calls for a mound that is 18 feet in diameter with the top of the pitcher’s rubber 10 inches higher than home plate. For youth leagues, consult the rule book of the governing organization.

Step One: Measure the Rubber

Take a measure to determine if the pitching rubber is 60 feet 6 inches away from the back point of home plate. Then, use the Beacon Mound Slope Gauge ( to determine if the pitching rubber is 10 inches off the ground.

Step Two: Circle Up

On a proper mound (high school play and above), the pitching rubber is 18 inches deeper than the center of the mound. To proceed mark a spot 18 inches in front of the rubber and then use a stake and a string to measure exactly 9 feet in front of that spot and mark (using chalk or similar marking tool) a circle around the mound. This will give you the proper infill dimensions.

Step Three: Dig it Out

Use a shovel to dig up at least four inches of the existing dirt material from the pitching table. Dig up an addition two inches of existing dirt around the rest of the mound.

TIP: For college mounds, we recommend digging up an additional four inches of dirt around the mound to provide a proper cap of Flex-A-Clay and ensure mound longevity.

Now that you’ve dug to the proper depth, you’re almost ready to layer in your Flex-A-Clay… before you dump any Flex-A-Clay, secure your pitching rubber so it does not move. Also, dampen the excavated area with water.

Step Four: Mix with Water

Dump the Flex-A-Clay product into a wheelbarrow and mix with at least half a gallon of water per bag. Thoroughly mix the Flex-A-Clay.

Step Five: Ready to Use

With the Flex-A-Clay now mixed with water, distribute a two-inch layer of Flex-A-Clay over the pre-dug pitching table and tamp down. Water the area as you tamp. Repeat the process, adding another two-inch layer of mixed Flex-A-Clay to the area. Tamp and water.

TIP: Cover the tamp with a trash bag to prevent the dirt from sticking.

Step Six: Get that Slope Right

To properly repair your mound back to its original glory, you must ensure the mound slope meets regulation standards. In technical terms: the slope drops 1 inch for every 1 foot down the front of the mound to the grass. The slope begins 6 inches in front of the rubber. From that point, the mound drops 1 inch per foot to the grass line. Complicated? Yeah, we know. That’s why we highly recommend using the Beacon Mound Slope gauge ( to make this job a whole lot easier.

Step Seven: Fill in the Rest

Okay, you mixed the Flex-A-Clay with water. You filled in the pitching table. You checked the sloped. Now it’s time to fill in the rest of the mound and complete this job.
Dampen the rest of the mound with water. Distribute a two-inch layer of Flex-A-Clay over the rest of the pre-dug mound. Tamp and water. This final two-inch layer should bring the pitching mound back to the proper specifications.

And now…You’re Done!

Allow the Flex-A-Clay to cure for anywhere between 24 to 72 hours. During this curing period, you’ll notice that the clay starts to crack – but don’t panic, cause it’s totally normal.

After it cures, your mound is back to the way it should be, ready for whatever flame-throwing righty or finesse lefty you’ve got on the hill that day!

To discuss further, or to make a bulk purchase, please call Brad Lamberti at 800.647.3539 or email

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5 Tips to Prep Your Field for Winter Weather

At True Pitch we are about much more than mounds. We are about ALL THINGS baseball.

As such, we carry a full array of field products to assist you in keeping your playing surface in supreme shape 365 days a year. As we head into winter, here are five quick tips to prep your field for the offseason:

  1. Examine and Tidy Up
    Walk your field inch-by-inch to identify any ruts, worn patches of grass or other areas in need of attention. Be sure to flag them or spray paint them so you can quickly identify them in applying a fix. In the process, pick up any garbage, rocks or sticks, or other items that you don’t want sitting on your field until spring.
  2. Aerate
    Aerating your field improves the health of your grassy areas. Home improvement stores typically rent aerators, you can reach out to a landscaping firm to perform the work or you can appeal to parents in your league for a volunteer to do it. On this last point, there is a good chance you have a connection in your league that would love to donate their time and equipment to improve your field.
  3. Smooth and Drag
    Before the winter weather hits, it is a good idea to pay attention to your dirt surfaces. Fill any holes, smooth out the batters boxes and drag the field. A little extra work doing this in the fall will make it infinitely easier to get your playing surface into midseason form in the spring.
  4. Cover (or Remove!) Your Mound and Homeplate Area
    The one pain point we hear most often from coaches is maintaining their mound over the winter months. If you have a True Pitch portable mound, we recommend you remove it and store it in a dry location. If you have a natural mound, we recommend you cover it with a heavy tarp that is securely fastened. We recommend the same for as much of the home plate area as you can cover – with the priority being on the batters boxes.
  5. Plan for the Coming Season
    Part of your winter plan should be spending time thinking about what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Ironing out your schedule for fertilizing, spraying, building up mounds and any number of other tasks makes it easier to stick to the plan and keep your field in great shape all season long.

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To learn more about how we can help you care for your complex, check us out online at or call Brad Lamberti at 800.647.3539.

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True Pitch in Baltimore at NRPA Annual Conference

The True Pitch team is excited to be on site for the 2019 National Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference in Baltimore September 24-26!

We are set up in the Exhibit Hall ready to show you how the ORIGINAL portable baseball mound can give your recreation and parks program a shot in the arm.

By working with True Pitch, you can:

  • Greatly reduce maintenance costs associated with city, county or state owned baseball fields. Our portable mounds require next to no maintenance at all.
  • Increase revenue by hosting tournaments or leagues for a variety of ages. Our portable mounds make it possible for you to host different age division on the same fields, increasing your scope of offerings and potential for revenue.
  • Ensure a consistent pitching service, promoting fair play and safety. Our products are designed to exact specifications and the only portable mounds approved for game and tournament use by Little League International, Babe Ruth League, Cal Ripken League, and others.

In addition to our game and practice mounds, our patented Flex-A-Clay is a must for maintaining diamonds, and we offer a vast array of other field products to ensure your playing surfaces are in tip-top shape.

Click HERE to learn more. If you’re in Baltimore for the conference and don’t miss your opportunity to stop and see the True Pitch team in the Exhibit Hall!

If you didn’t make it this year and want to chat about working with True Pitch to improve your baseball offerings, contact Brad Lamberti at 1.800.647.3539 or

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Meet the True Pitch Team: Brad Lamberti

Brad Lamberti manages our Divisional Sales and is our Field Consultant. Brad has baseball in his blood, playing three years of varsity ball at Southeast Polk High School in Altoona, Iowa. He then played at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Texas A&M Corpus Christi and the University of Central Oklahoma.

After finishing his playing career – Brad was a catcher – he coached at DMACC for two years. He joined the True Pitch team nearly four years ago.

Brad loves his work at True Pitch.

“The game has been a part of my life forever and to have this opportunity to still be in the industry is awesome,” he says. “It may not be lacing up the spikes and playing but being able to communicate with coaches around and talk baseball is very enjoyable to me.”

Brad is married and has a young son. In his free time he serves as a youth baseball coach for the Midwest Pride organization.

To chat with Brad about how True Pitch products can take your league, club or facility to the next level, reach out to him at 800.647.3539 or email

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Portable Pitching Mounds Pennsylvania

True Pitch portable pitching mound model 202-6A going to Pennsylvania.

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Portable Pitching Mounds New Jersey

True Pitch portable pitching mound model 202-6 going to New Jersey.

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Portable Pitching Mounds Hawaii

True Pitch portable pitching mound model 202-6A going to Hawaii.

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Portable Pitching Mounds Canada

True Pitch portable pitching mound model 202-8 going to Ontario.


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Portable Pitching Mounds New York

True Pitch portable pitching mound models 202-6 & 600G going to New York.

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Portable Pitching Mounds South Carolina

True Pitch portable pitching mound models 202-6A & 202-8 going to South Carolina.

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